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I really should add new pictures to this blog.


Since two weeks ago, they have really grown. Buffy now weights 3.5 lbs, Jackie is nearly 4 lbs and Leo is already 5 lbs. (He eats what the girls don't finish, naturally.)

Buffy is learning to not be so mean. She was starting to act as though she needed to claw and bite everything, including us. Some squirts of water does the trick. Otherwise, she's a complete sweetheart, more so with me than Matt. I think Matt scares her a little bit. She loves to be picked up, and her need for straches and rubs is quite overwhelming. She loves to play with my hair, so I take it down and attempts to attack. Lucikly my hair is very long, so she doesn't get too close to my face.

Jackie doesn't liked to be picked up so much, but she will meow and stay right at your feet until you pet her, just as long as you let her stay at your feet.

Leo is a complete lover-boy. He's the first to jump up onto the bed when Matt and I go to sleep, lying down right in between our shoulders. It does get annoying to have swallow cat hair every time we want to um... kiss. He's constantly at my side now that I'm home full-time. And he has no problem with being picked up just as long as you scratch behind his ears.